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Oh the sweet, sweet irony

December 9, 2005 Comments off

It seems that NTP’s lead attorney owns a BlackBerry

Canada-based national business newspaper the National Post has the most complete profile of NTP co-founder and power behind the RIM patent dispute litigation Don Stout that I have read to date.

Some  factoids from the article, written by the National Post’s Kevin Restivo:

A patent lawyer, Tom Stout was introduced to eventual NTP founder Thomas Campana as a result of a conversation with a fellow basketball player at a Washington, D.C.-area gym.

After Campana passed away in June, 2004, Stout has been running NTP with former telecom consultant Bill White, who is based in London.

Stout, 59, and his wife Mary have a son and a daughter.

NTP’s chief attorney, Jim Wallace (at right) initially met Stout during a case in the 1970s, but re-upted their professonal relationship in 1993 during a satellite communications case.

Wallace owns a BlackBerry- and it must be presumed, ocasionally uses it.


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It’s going to be a beautiful day

December 9, 2005 Comments off

You know it’s going to be a great day when the first thing you read on your computer is this…

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RE: "Christmas Story" in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies

December 8, 2005 Comments off

Bwahahaha! More movies!

Really people, I do actually do more than catch the ocassional online video. I’ve just been too damn busy to talk about it. :-/

Xeni Jardin:

Yet another Christmas Story parody, this one animated and re-enacted in less than 30 seconds by bunnies. Link
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