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AMD’s dual-core Opteron due this month

April 8, 2005

AMD’s dual-core Opteron due this month:

Advanced Micro Devices is expected to launch new Opteron chips later this month that combine dual processing engines on a single slice of silicon, CNET News.com has learned.

AMD will announce at an event on April 21 in New York that the first dual-core Opteron processors are available, months ahead of schedule, sources familiar with the situation said. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based chipmaker also is expected to announce its dual-core chips for personal computers will go on sale in June.

[continues at news source: CNet News.com]

So it’s not a rumor anymore … Intel really IS screwed. This will be interesting; I wonder what Dell will do? We’re a Dell shop at work and we’ve been very happy with their servers. However, we’re going to be doing a big tech refresh later this year and an x64 foundation is a key decision factor for us as Longhorn will be around during these boxes’ lifetimes.

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