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Parenting isn’t great w/o the troubles

February 12, 2009 Comments off

As the old saying goes, if there were no bad times you wouldn’t appreciate the good ones!

Kaitlyn got a beautiful, shiny, purple bead stuck in her right ear yesterday at preschool and didn’t tell anyone until last night as we were putting her to bed. 🙂 We spent the next few hours at the Overlake Urgent Care in Issaquah where they tried a few different techniques to get it out – didn’t work. Lots of pain for KC though in the process – not good. 😦 We got asked to head to Overlake ER in Bellevue, where the doc took a look and said him messing with it would just make it worse. Got referred to an ENT doc in Issaquah – went there this morning. Consulted with him and everyone agreed the best course of action is to remove the bead while KC’s knocked out so she doesn’t get even more traumatized. Fun times!

Kaitlyn isn’t in any pain as long as someone isn’t prodding around in her ear, and she’s being a trooper about the whole thing. All the nurses love her and she’s gotten a bunch of new stickers out of the whole deal! Awesome ENT doc too – even had Kaitlyn look in her stuffed bunny’s ears to make sure no beads were in there too. 🙂 The procedure is early on Tuesday (no worries about leaving it in until then), and we should be home by 9 or 10a.

What a trooper.  Kaitlyn told us last night, before we even left the house, “that was a bad thing to do – I shouldn’t ever do that again.”  At least we’re good enough parents that when she messes up she’s willing to tell us about it, and figure out self-corrective action for the future.

Good lord, my daughter is ready for the working world!  She just did a post-mortem on a high-priority incident!!!

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Outlook, please stop

February 4, 2009 Comments off

I’ve heard this is going to be resolved in Outlook 14.  In fact there were huge cheers when we were told this at the Company Meeting in September.  Time will tell…


In the mean time, time will continue to be spent sitting and waiting … and fuming.

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Windows Live Messenger and Windows 7 tip

February 1, 2009 2 comments

I really love Windows 7 and am happily using it on my primary laptop.  The so far the only thing that doesn’t work is my AT&T wireless modem (need to find a driver installer that doesn’t care about the OS version).

One issue that I haven’t liked is the Windows Live Messenger client wants to live in the taskbar with the rest of my running apps instead of the system tray where I’m used to it staying.  But  I just came across a way to make it work like I want and stay over by the clock in the system tray: compatibility mode!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Close/exit Messenger
  2. On your local computer browse to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\ (or \Program Files (x86)\ on a 64bit OS install)
  3. Right-click on msnmsgr.exe and choose Properties
  4. On the Compatibility tab click the “Run this program in compatibility mode box and choose Windows Vista.  Click OK at the bottom.
  5. Now you can start Messenger again from the Start Menu.
  6. In the System Tray click on the “Show hidden icons” arrow and then click Customize.
  7. In the Notification Area Icons dialog find Windows Live Messenger and in the dropdown to the right choose “Show icons and notifications”.  Click OK at the bottom.
  8. There you go!  Messenger back in the System Tray!

Credit to for the tip!  Unfortunately they don’t have URL’s directly to their posts.