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Wanna feel pissed off?

July 17, 2006 Comments off

Read this post by Chunk O Funk to feel what it’s like to have your blood boil over as a parent.  I would totally react the same way … shaking, angry, fuck the world.

But how would I get out of it?  I’ve got some pictures of Kaitlyn in my wallet, but none of both of us.  Maybe I could pull up some of our online pictures on my Blackberry [note to self – bookmark that picture].  But what if I had left my device in the car?

What if …?

It’s things like this that I think about when I can’t sleep at night.  How do I protect my daughter against the stupidity of the world?  How do I let her know that I love her more than life myself?  How do I even recognize those feelings myself when I hadn’t really thought about that love, really, until I read that post?

I’m hopeless.  But I’m her hero, even at her young age.

Oye … I need a drink.

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We finally exist!

July 17, 2006 Comments off

MapJust 2.5 years after we moved in to our new house in a new neighborhood we’re finally on the map, as it were.  I just looked at Yahoo Maps (Beta) and to my surprise our road is there now!  Plus you can actually search on our street address – which didn’t work for a long time.  Hurray!

I wonder when Google and MSN Windows Live will catch up?

Update: Google is still clueless and Windows Live can find our address if you search for it, but the road map and aerial views don’t show our house or road.

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Delta Delta Delta…

July 14, 2006 1 comment

My wife’s uncle flys for Delta … I think … unless they’ve laid him off … or cut his pay all the way down to peanut butter crackers … but I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, the wonderful world of our airline industry.

I wanted to pass along a little nugget of fun from zefrank.  Seems he got “the screwed” by Delta on a recent trip and now their backing off their promise to reimburse him.  Check it out.

Now I’m just seeing one side of this story, but when will corporations learn that “customer services is our number one priority” isn’t something to just banter around at floggings company meetings?  Don’t they realize us customers actually talk to each other and give recommendations?

It’s enough to make me want to scream at them just like they did do Marsha on the Brady Bunch.

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Google is a failure

July 14, 2006 Comments off
GTalk is LAST among major IM players (thanks Dare!).  Does that mean 3rd?  5th?
Nope … try 10th!  In fact, GTalk has only 10% of the user base of ICQ, which was the original IM network (3.3M vs 33.8M users). 
By comparison Yahoo Messenger has about 141M users and MSN Messenger has 204M.  PLUS now that Yahoo IM and MSN IM are combining their networks that’s 345M accounts (sure there are some duplicates).
Compared to the leading IM network, GTalk is roughly 1% of the market.  And did I mention that market is all free for the users so any revenues from all this is eyeballs on ads in the client?  So why would I want to buy an add with Google when I’m going to get more exposure on Yahoo/MSN?
The kicker is that there’s a very similar story when you look at traffic to Google’s other properties, like the Finance and Maps pages.
PS – for the record I use Trillian.  I knew it was NOTHING compared to the major players, but it’s cool to see there’s still a healthy user base of roughly 1.3M users.
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Dell and Symantec join the blogosphere

July 13, 2006 Comments off

I’ve seen the blogs light up this week around Dell’s announcement of their new corporate blog Dell One2One.  It’s kind of Dell’s take on Microsoft’s Channel 9 and the latest effect of what I’m going to call the Scoble Revolution” in corporate America.

Just now I received a bulletin from Symantec announcing their first ever public facing blog entitled “Security Response Weblog”.  Wow – what a warm and fuzzy [corporate generated] name guys!  Someone from Microsoft’s naming group must have joined Symantec.  Here’s the announcement I got:

Symantec invites you to visit the recently launched Security Response Blog.

On Friday, June 23, 2006 US Pacific Time, Security Response began a series of blog entries on the public website. More than 20 Security Response engineers, architects, developers, research analysts, and security gurus from the Security Response team have signed up to post information on Symantec’s first-ever public facing blog.

They best watch out because that URL is just too damn easy to remember!  :-/

Anyway they’ve got a few articles up already and by reading the headlines on the page (why not full content?) (Dell, same question for you RSS feeds?) it seems like another marketing avenue, which would be sad.

Hopefully Dell’s and Symantc’s efforts will be able to hilight the employees and their stories instead of being another avenue for the corporate face.  Good luck to both teams!

PS – I hope Symantec doesn’t get mad at me for posting that – the announcement of their public weblog had their standard “this message is intended…” disclaimer on it.  🙂

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the UI looks like Frankenstein’s progress bar on marijuana

July 13, 2006 Comments off

When the UI looks like Frankenstein’s progress bar on marijuana, how is the end user supposed to have clue one on what is going on?
Vista’s Powerless Power Users: Someone Neutered My Defrag!

This is perhaps one of the best quotes I’ve ever read describing a software interface.  And I have to agree with the conclusions – what is MS doing with their defrag tools?  To me it looks like it’s getting worse with Vista (I can’t even choose what drive to defrag), but you can at least (finally) schedule it … whatever “it” is.

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