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Delta Delta Delta…

July 14, 2006

My wife’s uncle flys for Delta … I think … unless they’ve laid him off … or cut his pay all the way down to peanut butter crackers … but I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, the wonderful world of our airline industry.

I wanted to pass along a little nugget of fun from zefrank.  Seems he got “the screwed” by Delta on a recent trip and now their backing off their promise to reimburse him.  Check it out.

Now I’m just seeing one side of this story, but when will corporations learn that “customer services is our number one priority” isn’t something to just banter around at floggings company meetings?  Don’t they realize us customers actually talk to each other and give recommendations?

It’s enough to make me want to scream at them just like they did do Marsha on the Brady Bunch.

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  1. KT
    July 26, 2006 at 2:00 pm

    Seriously. I just got off the phone with Delta after they refused to help me without incurring a $20 charge for their mistake. Oh and by saying “got off the phone” what I really mean is that when I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said they would transfer me, they “accidently” (I am sure it was accidently) hung up on me. And why the heck is their customer service person unable to speak English and yet named Bob?

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