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You mean it’s actually real?

July 27, 2005 Comments off


Engadget —
Motorola Q Smartphone

So we managed to befoul the Motorola Q (aka the Franklin aka the RAZRberry aka Ryan’s latest lust object) with our hands at last night’s Motonow event in Chicago, the black version they were showing off was just a plastic model, but much to our surprise the silver version was fully functional. We won’t run down the specs again (except to add that it runs on Windows Mobile Smartphone, not Pocket PC), but from the five minutes we spent with the Q we can tell you that yes, it is incredibly thin, that it has a nice, crisp screen, and that the keyboard was fairly easy to use (though to really judge a smartphone keyboard you have to live with it for a little while). Fun fact: the “Q” stands for “QWERTY”, as in “QWERTY keyboard”

Update – Engadget also has some pictures comparing the Moto to a Treo 650 and Blackberry 7290/7100.  Nice!

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The best corporate slogan, ever

July 26, 2005 Comments off

Innobec Technologies. More than just a buncha wackos.

Innobec Technologies delivers high quality software for the mobile world, providing solutions on various platforms such as Windows CE, XP Embedded, PalmOS, Tablet PC and DOS (yes, DOS). We also provide consulting and programming services.

This is the company that has brought into the world an application that allows a connected PocketPC to show up as another screen on your computer at your desk.  Too sweet!  My company has like 3 devices nobody uses anymore (we’ve all got crackberries now).  Check out SideWindow if you too have an old clunker Dell Axim 3 collecting dust on the shelf.  🙂

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When the editor is asleep…

July 22, 2005 Comments off

Blog posts like this happen:

Police Kill Man on London Subway, Release Photos
NPR News — British police shoot and kill a man in the Stockwell underground station Friday morning. The shooting — and an arrest midday in south London — are related to four small explosions Thursday, according to police. [NPR News ]

 Right.  Having seen a few other headlines and hearing the story on NPR, I don’t think the London Metropolitin Police shot someone and then released photos of the shooting.  But, if you just read the headline, that’s what you’d think.

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Don’t do this

July 22, 2005 Comments off

This is why, when I was a kid, I was always scared to do do flips off of a spring board.


AP – Fri Jul 22,12:18 PM ET via Yahoo! News – USA’s Chelsea Davis hits her head on the board during a preliminary round in the women’s three-meter springboard diving competition at the World Aquatics Championships Friday, July 22, 2005 in Montreal. Davis required stitches after hitting her head. (AP Photo/Ryan Remiorz)

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I’m busted

July 21, 2005 Comments off

I’m pretty certain Alicea would count herself amonst the 55%.  My excuse?  I refuse to really learn how to use a piece of crap device that loves to spontaneously reboot.  I’ve got the basics down, but Alicea figured out the ins and outs before I did.  Then again, she’s at home with Kaitlyn all day so she has a slightly higher potential of using the thing.  Still, I wouldn’t want to go back to not having a DVR.  Can’t wait until my MCE box from Shuttle shows up this weekend (hopefully)!

Survey says: women control the DVR 

Engadget —
TiVo remoteAfter being derided as less technically adept by their geekier-than-thou male cohorts for years, it turns out there’s at least one home entertainment device that women can call their own: the DVR. According to a new survey from cable network Lifetime, 55% of married women say they understand their DVR’s functions better than their husbands. Of course, the survey only questioned women, so we assume that if husbands were asked the same queries, somewhere in the excess of 100% would say they’re the DVR pros — and that they control what shows are recorded as well (when they can find the remote, that is; since apparently men don’t ask where to find things, their wives may just end up taking charge after all).


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The solution for bad traffic

July 21, 2005 Comments off

This would really help get through the Issaquah slowdown when commuting to work in the mornings. 🙂

Rocket powered car:

The description for this eBay auction reads “everybody needs one of these” — indeed. If only we hadn’t just plunked down all our cash for that solid-fuel booster propelled BMX bike, we’d be all over this Toyota MR2 powered by twin GE t-58 turbines.

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Feedback to my last post

July 20, 2005 Comments off

You realize you’re blaming Mastercard for the sins of the card issuer? Two different entities.
[-annonymous commenter]

I totally understand that.  BUT, this being part humor and part serious, and being written by a newspaper columnist I can forgive that oversite.  I mean for one thing, I’d imagine the newspaper’s advertisers (there has to be credit issuers amongst the list) would be pissed for getting singled out more than they already are in the article.  Check out the middle of the article:

Just a few weeks ago, Citigroup revealed that it lost data on 4 million customers at its CitiFinancial unit.

Bank of America lost records on 1.2 million customers. Then there’s the security breaches at the credit bureau ChoicePoint and the theft of customer credit card and purchase data at more than 100 of Retail Ventures’ DSW Shoe Warehouse stores.

As for you, MasterCard, you said that working with law enforcement you identified breaches at CardSystems Solutions in Tucson, Ariz.

Besides, I liked the general message being sent.  Do you realize that by using credit cards we all agree to a contract that can be ammended by the OTHER party at any time and in any way?  If that went under a legal review at my office they’d have a cow.  Sure would be nice to have all these companies we “entrust” with our private information be held to some sort of liability for leaking all our personal information.  I’d love to limit our exposure to this stupit stuff as much as possible … who knows if this will ever happen though.

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