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Where the heck have I been?

July 20, 2005


Product Small PhotoI launched a project at work to completely replace our existing phone system with a new Cisco VoIP platform, and at the same time launch our first offsite datacenter down in Sunnyvale, CA.  I’ve got to manage 6 different vendors across two states.  But as BNL likes to say, “who needs sleep?

On Friday, though, I did get a small respite.  One of said vendors had an extra seat to that night’s Mariner’s game.  Since they completely suck this year, and we’ve been busy with Kaitlyn, Alicea and I haven’t keept up with much in sports for a while.  Oh we’ll watch games here or there, or stages of the Tour de France, but we’re not like we once were: religous M’s watching fools.

Anyway, I digress.  So I had a sweet seat to the game.  1st row of the Terrace Club level (first balcony) right between home and first on an aisle.  It was an okay game, but I wasn’t expecting to witness history.  I think it was the first inning and someone comes up to bat and the crowd goes nuts.  Huh?  Baltimore is up.  Ah – Rafael Palmerio is up.  I know he’s old, maybe he’s retiring.  Then all the flashes go off during the pitch – wow that was cool to see.  Then I found out he had 2,999 hits.  NIFTY!  He got walked though … and the M’s fans BOOED Joel Pineiro.  HA!

Anyway, on his 3rd at bat he got the hit.  HUGE ovation from the crowd.  Pretty cool to see.

What could be better?  I caught a foul ball in the 9th, hit my way by some kid on the M’s that I’d never heard of (again, we’re out of the loop this year) – Mike Morse.  Do I care that ESPN doesn’t even have his picture on his player stats page?  Nah – cause I GOT A FOUL BALL!  First ever.  Sweetness.

While at the game I also “won” the hydro race on the big screen in the outfield (the green boat won on the back of an orca whale) and the hat-trick game (number 2 … and I wasn’t even watching).  Should have bought a Lotto ticket on the way home.  šŸ™‚

Saturday was a maintenance day at work on our servers, and Sunday I played at church (drummer for our 9:45a and 6p contemporary services).  Had a blast playing.  I finally feel like “I’m back” after taking about 7 years away from playing drum set after high school.

But like I said – who needs sleep?

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