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From the department of redundancy department

September 13, 2006 Comments off

File this one with a sarcastic “ya think?!?”

Baby’s death raises mom’s suicide risk

Mothers whose babies die at birth or in infancy are at higher risk for suicide attempts, according to new research from the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center.
     Source: Baby’s death raises mom’s suicide risk

They did go on in the next paragraph to state “also found that complications with labor and delivery, or having a Caesarean section, did not put women at higher risk for postpartum suicide attempts.”

THAT is actually a little surprising off hand, but to lead with baby death = suicidal mom is more sensationalism from the PI.  “Yeah – lets headline with dying babies and moms!”  ARGH!

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Open up a can…

September 8, 2006 Comments off

Courtesy of Autoblog

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September 7, 2006 Comments off

You MUST check out this video of a 3D desktop engine that runs on Linux.  Simply amazing.  I have to agree with the commenters on Chris’ post – I wish Vista was going to be this slick.

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Eleven-year-old wins Alaskan State Fair contest

September 7, 2006 Comments off

Best part of this story: she named it “Bruce”!

Eleven-year-old Brenna Dinkel of Wasilla, Alaska has a big head. No, she’s not conceited; she has a big head of cabbage. Her cabbage, named Bruce, weighed in at a whopping 73.4 pounds, winning the Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off competition at the Alaska State Fair.
Link to Eleven-year-old wins Alaskan State Fair contest

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Excellent Christmas gift

September 6, 2006 Comments off

Oh yeah.  THE FUBAR!

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Finding the positive

September 2, 2006 Comments off

Hampton’s performance wasn’t all good, however. He completed only two of six passes for six yards, the lowest amount allowed by East Carolina since Nov. 1, 1969 when it held Furman to zero yards.

Source: – NCF – Recap

Alicea and I went to East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.  Both of us were in the marching band and both are avid college football fans.  ECU had some great seasons while we were in school.  We even beat Miami (not Ohio) when they were in their prime in the late 90’s.  ECU has been absolutely horrible ever since.

It was with (not so) great anticipation that I checked the ECU score tonight.  They lost – go figure.  Navy beat them 28 to 23.  Not a bad showing as at least it didn’t get away from them.

So I read the description of the game and saw the Pirates allowed only 6 passing yards all game.  HOLY CRAP!  It can’t be all the defense’s doing, but that’s a great effort on pass defense.

Then I saw this: “His play spearheaded a 403-yard effort on the ground for Navy…”  Four-hundred and three yards allowed on the ground.  So I’m guessing ECU played with 1, maybe 2 guys on the defensive line with everybody else playing linebacker or safety.  It’s the new thing – the 1-5-5 defense!

<sigh> Can we go back to the days of Jeff Blake or David Garrard?  Back when ECU was actually a contender for the top 25 rankings and a shoe-in for a bowl appearance?

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God’s MySpace – really?

September 1, 2006 Comments off

Good grief.  I can’t believe that church’s actually think that “social networking” is going to make a big difference on their congregation.  I would counter that most folks look for a religious experience OFFLINE.  My favorite part of the weekend is when I turn off my phone before the service starts.

Just another example of the “me too” ideas of church marketing (sorry “communications”) people these days.  No originality.  Crappy content.

I tried to get a screenshot of Yahweh Mail from Bruce Almighty, but I couldn’t get a good screenshot from Windows Media Player.  Go see the trailer.  🙂

Link to God’s MySpace: | | CNET

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