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You mean it’s actually real?

July 27, 2005


Engadget —
Motorola Q Smartphone

So we managed to befoul the Motorola Q (aka the Franklin aka the RAZRberry aka Ryan’s latest lust object) with our hands at last night’s Motonow event in Chicago, the black version they were showing off was just a plastic model, but much to our surprise the silver version was fully functional. We won’t run down the specs again (except to add that it runs on Windows Mobile Smartphone, not Pocket PC), but from the five minutes we spent with the Q we can tell you that yes, it is incredibly thin, that it has a nice, crisp screen, and that the keyboard was fairly easy to use (though to really judge a smartphone keyboard you have to live with it for a little while). Fun fact: the “Q” stands for “QWERTY”, as in “QWERTY keyboard”

Update – Engadget also has some pictures comparing the Moto to a Treo 650 and Blackberry 7290/7100.  Nice!

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