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I’m busted

July 21, 2005

I’m pretty certain Alicea would count herself amonst the 55%.  My excuse?  I refuse to really learn how to use a piece of crap device that loves to spontaneously reboot.  I’ve got the basics down, but Alicea figured out the ins and outs before I did.  Then again, she’s at home with Kaitlyn all day so she has a slightly higher potential of using the thing.  Still, I wouldn’t want to go back to not having a DVR.  Can’t wait until my MCE box from Shuttle shows up this weekend (hopefully)!

Survey says: women control the DVR 

Engadget —
TiVo remoteAfter being derided as less technically adept by their geekier-than-thou male cohorts for years, it turns out there’s at least one home entertainment device that women can call their own: the DVR. According to a new survey from cable network Lifetime, 55% of married women say they understand their DVR’s functions better than their husbands. Of course, the survey only questioned women, so we assume that if husbands were asked the same queries, somewhere in the excess of 100% would say they’re the DVR pros — and that they control what shows are recorded as well (when they can find the remote, that is; since apparently men don’t ask where to find things, their wives may just end up taking charge after all).


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