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Wanna feel pissed off?

July 17, 2006

Read this post by Chunk O Funk to feel what it’s like to have your blood boil over as a parent.  I would totally react the same way … shaking, angry, fuck the world.

But how would I get out of it?  I’ve got some pictures of Kaitlyn in my wallet, but none of both of us.  Maybe I could pull up some of our online pictures on my Blackberry [note to self – bookmark that picture].  But what if I had left my device in the car?

What if …?

It’s things like this that I think about when I can’t sleep at night.  How do I protect my daughter against the stupidity of the world?  How do I let her know that I love her more than life myself?  How do I even recognize those feelings myself when I hadn’t really thought about that love, really, until I read that post?

I’m hopeless.  But I’m her hero, even at her young age.

Oye … I need a drink.

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