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1/3 of US population has broadband at home!

August 2, 2006

I just came across a post on Bink talking about the newest Neilson//NetRatings (for May 2006).  Bink points out that Google replaced MSN.com as the third most visited site online.  Interested, I decided to skim the report and I found bigger news than that!  Facts and my comments below:

  • 72% of home Internet use in May in the US was over broadbandWOW!
  • An average visitor to an AOL website spends over 6 hours on that media property each month.  What’s interesting here is that AOL is going to give their content away free if you have a broadband connection, which means they’re transitioing from a service provider model to an advertising revenue model.
  • An average visitor to a Google online property spent 53 minutes on a Google site in May.  AOL might actually have a shot at Google in advertising since they are already providing more attractive content (by a factor of 6X).  BUT Google has done an excellent job in getting AdSense on non-Google sites.  Maybe AOL should offer the same service?
  • 1/3 of the US population has broadband at home (102M of 300M).
  • Broadband users (now the majority) are early adopters of new online tools like RSS and blogging.

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