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Google ads on XM? Unsubscribed

August 2, 2006

It’s only a matter of time before advertising finds its way onto the rest of XM Satellite Radio’s channels, and this Google deal only makes it worse.

But what really gets me is that XP purports to be “CD quality” sound – BULL HONKEY!  We’ve got XM in a factory Honda unit and an add-in SkyFi2 and both have the same issues:

  • We get numerous dropouts of signal on our commute … which is 80% on I-90, a major and very wide thoroughfare east of Seattle.  Certain bridges, some hills, a cement wall, and even trees will kill the radio feed.
  • I think even my 16 month old daughter can tell that the XM feeds are heavily compressed.  It’s way too noticable for my ear and quite distracting.  Being a drummer I tend to hear the nuances of the percussion tracks on a song, and the higher frequencies that cymbals generate are the very ones XM compresses the hell out of.
  • For two vehicles we’re paying about $20/mo. for crappy radio that cuts out.

Done.  I’ll be calling XM customer service later this evening to cancel.  Enough is enough.  If they put a satellite over the west coast (so the signal is higher than 15–20 degrees above the horizon to the south east) and double their “premium music” streams from 32kbps to 64kbps, I might reconsider.

Until then we’ll be spending our $20 each month on a new CD for our massive collection.

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  1. KermitFan
    August 2, 2006 at 4:15 pm

    Guess that means that I don’t have to go out and get my satellite radio subscription — thanks for the in-depth review of the Issaquah/Bellevue area. (I /was/ thinking about getting it, in fact…)

    You (still) rock Nathan!

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