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Dell and Symantec join the blogosphere

July 13, 2006

I’ve seen the blogs light up this week around Dell’s announcement of their new corporate blog Dell One2One.  It’s kind of Dell’s take on Microsoft’s Channel 9 and the latest effect of what I’m going to call the Scoble Revolution” in corporate America.

Just now I received a bulletin from Symantec announcing their first ever public facing blog entitled “Security Response Weblog”.  Wow – what a warm and fuzzy [corporate generated] name guys!  Someone from Microsoft’s naming group must have joined Symantec.  Here’s the announcement I got:

Symantec invites you to visit the recently launched Security Response Blog.

On Friday, June 23, 2006 US Pacific Time, Security Response began a series of blog entries on the public website. More than 20 Security Response engineers, architects, developers, research analysts, and security gurus from the Security Response team have signed up to post information on Symantec’s first-ever public facing blog.

They best watch out because that URL is just too damn easy to remember!  :-/

Anyway they’ve got a few articles up already and by reading the headlines on the page (why not full content?) (Dell, same question for you RSS feeds?) it seems like another marketing avenue, which would be sad.

Hopefully Dell’s and Symantc’s efforts will be able to hilight the employees and their stories instead of being another avenue for the corporate face.  Good luck to both teams!

PS – I hope Symantec doesn’t get mad at me for posting that – the announcement of their public weblog had their standard “this message is intended…” disclaimer on it.  🙂

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