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Back to the grind

May 2, 2005

Can you believe it? It’s been a month since Alicea was hospitalized. WOW! Kaitlyn is now 3+ weeks old and is doing great. She’s no longer in an incubator and she’s feeding well. Our guess is that she’ll be home in a week or two. YIKES!

Well, I’m back to work today. I’m going to be doing 1/2 days for the next couple months, so I get my work-a-holic fix and get a lot of time at home too. Plus I’m still taking 100% time away for 2 weeks when Kaitlyn finally does come home. My Dad is coming out this Friday for a week to help me finish up some projects around the house. This was supposed to be the beginning of the final “nesting” month before Kaitlyn’s birth … well, the nesting still needs to be done!

I guess I should actually do something useful here at the office, so I’ll try to post later. If you want to see some pics of Kaitlyn check out http://novaks.smugmug.com. A lot of her clothes are from Build-A-Bear! 🙂

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