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Bink.nu | Microsoft about to debut antivirus tools?

May 12, 2005

Bink.nu | Microsoft about to debut antivirus tools?:

“Researchers at Gartner estimate that only 13 percent of consumer-operated desktop computers connected to the Internet have third-party antivirus tools.”

You have got to be kidding me! 13%!?! That’s just appalling. No wonder so many hackers write viruses – it’s so easy for them to exploit these idiots. I wonder how many keep their operating systems and other software up to date … a precious few I’d imagine. Plus there are a ton of people who just plug their cable modem right into their computer without a firewall in place (hardware or software). Yikes!

My dad, for example, doesn’t trust Windows Updates and I have to beg him to install them. On top of that he’s still running Windows 98, then he wonders why it crashes (most of the time the system runs out of memory). He’s going to join the ranks of the modern in a few months though … he’s contemplating getting an Athon 64 machine with some serious hard drives, etc. He does digital artwork on his computer and has hundreds of CD-R and DVD-R’s filled with archived pictures, etc. (that’s how he runs out of memory – huge files). Check out davidnovak.com for his work.

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