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An (almost) happy ending to the Apple story

May 18, 2005

An (almost) happy ending to my Apple story:

Based on some excellent advice from Jan in a comment to my post last night about the horrific experience I had trying to buy an iPod for one of my customers in Norway, I contacted Apple Customer Relations and spoke with a representative named Dan. I explained the situation to him and he immediately opened my order which is being processed by the Apple Norway store. He was prepared to correct the quantity (I ordered one, they made the order for two) and resolve the situation for me. Bad news: The order has already shipped. [continues…]

Now it’s great that Apple was ablel to, in the end, solve the issue. But wouldn’t have been even better if they’d handled thie issue right in the first place? Wouldn’t have been better if they’d never drawn the ire of their community?

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