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Wired News: Radio Industry Hits Shuffle

June 6, 2005

Wired News: Radio Industry Hits Shuffle:

Some observers are skeptical of the mix-and-match approach. ‘It assumes that someone will set their dial to one radio station, leave it there all day and be thrilled with the randomness,’ said Darrel Goodin, general manager of several Jefferson-Pilot stations in San Diego. ‘It runs extremely counter to the way the radio has been successful over the years. Maybe someone has found a way to defy gravity, but the odds are against it.’

Well consider myself flating in mid air then. Dude – that’s the point. Alciea and I love this new Jack station in Seattle because it essentially takes our whole CD collection and puts it on random. How is this bad?

Nice try at spin control buddy. You’re wrong.

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