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Star Wars: The Next Generation

June 13, 2005

Star Wars: Blogs | From the Desk of Ghent | Prequel Generation Questions A New Hope:

A dad watches Episode 4 with his 7 year old son, who has essentially now seeing the movies in order. Pretty funny continuity questions.

– as C-3PO throws a Jawa body on the pile… ‘Do you think that R2-D2 started that fire with his jet rockets?’

– ‘Is Chewbacca the only Wookiee that survives the Clone Wars?’ (with great concern)

– ‘So, does this mean that R2-D2 is really the main character in Star Wars?’

– though not prequel-provoked, ‘Why are red leader and gold leader the leaders? They don’t know what they’re doing…’

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  1. JJ
    June 16, 2005 at 3:25 am

    Ahhh.. a little nerd in training.

    You learn quickly, young Jedi.

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