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Sex styles of musicians

June 20, 2005

Either I’m so tallented I can make the best out of any situation, or I’m not picky. Either way, I’m a percussionist. 🙂

Sex styles of musicians:

Mark Frauenfelder: Charles says: "An orchestral musician reveals that classical music is not very different from Hollywood when it comes to offering jobs-for-sex. From a review in the London Times of her recent book:

Blair Tindall, who played with the New York Philharmonic, offers an unseemly tour behind the scenes in a book entitled Mozart in the Jungle. . . .

Instrument players had a sexual style unique to their instrument, she writes. Neurotic violinists, anonymous in their orchestra section, came fast. Trumpet players pumped away like jocks, while pianists sensitive fingers worked magic. French horn players, their instruments the testiest of all, could rarely get it up, but percussionists could make beautiful music out of anything.


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