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No more stupid hours (for work)

July 4, 2005

Good grief – I just realized it’s almost 1am!  <sigh>  So much for sticking to a normal schedule.

For the last year-plus I’ve been getting up at 5:30a three (or more) mornings a week to throw myself together and get to my tired ass to the office to man our helpdesk line for our traders.  That’s the downside of working in the investment sector when you live on the west coast … the damn markets open at 6:30a.  And can you believe there’s a rumor going around that they’re thinking of opening another hour earlier?!?

Well, the crack of dawn thing is over!  We’ve gotten our systems so stabable and reliable that none of our team is going to show up until 8a.  90% of what might go wrong we can fix remotely; and our boss lives 5 minutes away from the office so someone’s close if they can’t find batteries for their wireless mice.  🙂

So no more falling asleep while driving in … or home.  Hurray!

Okay – it’s now after 1a … I’ve gotta go to sleep!  I guess while I no longer get doled out punnishing working hours, I still have to figure a way to keep from doing it to myself.  Hints anyone?

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