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Security How-To

July 12, 2005

Now our government can’t even keep the identity of its spies a secret, because outting them is so much more fun in order to stab someone in the back for having an opinion contrarty to your own [thanks Mr. Rove].  But it seems the publishing industry knows how to get things done when it comes to preventing and containing leaks.

Blogging Baby — Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince cover

One source said it was accidental, another didn’t mention how it happened – but either way, several copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were sold at a bookstore in Canada last week. The Canadian distributor of the Potter franchise, Raincoast Books Ltd, brought a quick injunction against the lucky few who had purchased the book, barring them from releasing any plot details. The court granted their injunction, and ordered that the copies of the book be returned to Raincoast. As a bonus, the company promised to deliver a special J.K. Rowling-autographed nameplate to each of the leakees when the books go on sale for real July 16.


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