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The shoe drops

November 5, 2005

I’m on the phone with my folks now and I’ve just learned that my dad has prostate cancer. Not sure how I feel right now … just kind of putting on a clinical face. I hate having this skill (becoming clinical), but it’s a coping mechanism. Anyway, I am sure I’ll process this in the days and weeks to come, but for now … hmmmm. Sayin’ a prayer.

Update [90 minutes later] – I’ve found another outlet. Drinking 18 year old single malt scotch. Hey, it works. Thanks to my beautiful bride Alicea for the refill she just dropped off. Sure I have to be at church tomorrow morning at 6:30a to set up, rehearse, and play a service … but this helps now. Gee, aren’t I the healthy one?

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  1. Pat
    November 7, 2005 at 1:16 pm

    Nathan, I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s diagnosis. Did they catch it early enough to begin a treatment plan? That type of cancer is quite common and usually is treatable. May God bless your family.

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