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My dreams are coming true…

November 18, 2005

Hey Alicea, I know what I’m getting the family for Christmas next year … an HD CableCard tuner for our Media Center Edition computer in the living room!  Microsoft and CableLabs, the consortium run by the cable TV industry to approve new hardware, announced a couple days ago that they’ll have HDTV CableCard support for MCE computers by next holiday season.

This new hardware support means you’ll be able to plug your cable feed directly into your computer, and get access to all the HDTV programming (and everything else) that’s on the cable network (in our case Comcast).  With that you can ditch your cable box and use just one platform for regular and HD-DVR.  I’ve got a way bigger hard drive in our MCE computer than the cable box does (300GB vs 120GB) which means 3x the recording capacity.  Well, only 3x until I go out and get an external USB2 hard drive to store even more video on.

Because the CableCard format is currently just a one-way communication stream (down to your TV) you’d probably give up the ability to use Video on Demand and Pay Per View, but the increased quality (the cable box sucks for non-HD feeds), recording capacity, and “one-stop” for all your media wins in my mind.  Heck, we hardly use VoD (and NEVER use PPV) anyhow.  Besides, they’ve got a year to figure out how to sign up for that stuff via a web page … maybe even an MCE plugin!

I can’t wait!  Woohoo!

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