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Great car dealership

January 19, 2006

If you’re in the Seattle area and are in the market for a new Honda I highly recommend Honda Auto Center of Bellevue.  We purchased a 2005 Accord Coupe from this dealer last fall and were impressed by the organization at every turn.  The service department rocks too – we got assigned to Jason Diaz.  Awesome!

Today I had the unfortunate pleaseure of needing to buy a new tire ASAP.  😦  I had to go pick up our daughter from daycare early because she’s got a little bit of a cold.  Then I also needed to stop by the Redmond Comcast office to get a digital converter for work.  When I pulled out of the Comcast lot I heard a thunk thunk thunk from a tire.  CRAP!  Just what I need, a sick kid in a sick car.

I got out and found a huge bolt sticking straight into the right-front tire.  At least it wasn’t flat (yet) and I wasn’t about to try to pull it out.  I’d guess it was a good 3/8” diameter shaft, and that was going to go flat quick.  So much for taking Kaitlyn home to let Alicea keep working.

I looked in my phone and found Jason’s number (I don’t have the main service line in my address book for some dumb reason).  I called Jason and he (luckily) was in and answered right away.  He remembered me and asked how he could help.  I explained the situation and he quickly identified they had a tire in stock and that they could squeeze me in right away.  Awesome!

Alicea showed up to the dealership just a few minutes after me and whisked Kaitlyn off to home and bed – boy does she need it.  I settled in to the waiting area and what to my wondering eyes does appear?  A little sign advertising free WiFi here!

Honda of Bellevue, you’ve got our business.

Update: Not only did the shop service my car quickly (and washed the outside … and vacuumed the inside) but they didn’t make me buy a new tire!  The tech was able to patch it – that’s right, a patch for a bolt.  Not a nail; a bolt.  I was prepared to buy a tire, and they knew that.  Most places I know would have sold me that tire.  So I went home having spent $55 instead of $190.  Sweet!

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