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The power of product team blogs

February 15, 2006

Windows Mobile Team Blog : Where did 240 come from?

This is the power of blogging … I was really upset when I learned the Treo 700w had a less-stellar screen resolution (240×240) than the older generation Palm-based Treo 650.  Now it all makes sense and I completely agree with, and understand Microsoft (and by proxy Palm’s) decision.  And I won’t feel bad about using a Treo 700w if/when I get my hands on one; because quite honestly, I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of using a dumb-downed screen.  I was thinking of waiting until something came out in the Windows Mobile world with 320×320.

I’m still waiting for Verizon to release the “push pack” for the device before I get a demo from our corporate rep, but that is now the last hurdle for me.  Thanks Mike Calligaro!

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