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Misleading blog entries piss me off

February 16, 2006

BlackBerry Cool » Users lukewarm on Microsoft push e-mail

Okay so here we have a highly respected user community blog, BlackBerry Cool, commenting on Microsoft’s recent slate of announcements regarding support for real-time push email.  Quite relevent to BBCool’s scope of discussion.  What tick’s me off is that the post is an agregeious example of marketing spin.  They give a brief overview of the situation, and then interview a couple CIO who have ~500 BlackBerry devices out in the field.  And here’s the kicker quote for the article…

“We can’t justify a total change in architecture just for remote mail,” he said.

For someone like me who skims through hundreds of RSS items every morning, that quote sticks out … and fortunately it made me re-read the article.  Turns out there’s a damn good reason for that quote…

Emcor Group, a construction and building services company in Norwalk, Connecticut, has about 500 RIM users and deploys Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino server to 9,000 users, so Direct Push from Microsoft holds no interest, said Emcor CIO Joe Puglisi.

Great.  So we’re comparing apples and oranges – and the conclusion of the article (as reflected in the title) is essentially that while apples are nice, for people who make orange juice they really won’t work.

At least it’s better than BBHub’s constant updates on RIM’s stock price (how is that news– or blog-worthy on a daily basis?).  Or their blog posts about what someone said in a user support forum.

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