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How to build a darn big plane

March 11, 2006

How to build an Airbus A380 in about 7 Mins – Google Video.

I know it’s somewhat blasphemous for someone who lives in Boeing country (Seattle, WA) to post this, but the video at this link is really cool to watch.  Would I like to see one of these?  Sure.  Would I want to fly on one – heck no.  It takes 20+ minutes to board a regular jet with 150 people.  Can you imagine how long it’s going to take to board 500–600 people?  No thanks.

I personally think Boeing’s got the right idea with smaller, more fuel efficient jets making direct runs instead of bigger jets only linking major hubs (which is Airbus’ bet with the A380).  Under the Boeing model I might need to make 1 connection between here and my destination.  In the Airbus model it’s likely I’d have to fly from my starting location to a major hub, then an A380 to the next major hub, and then a smaller jet to my final destination.  No thanks.

I should have entitled this post “No thanks.”  🙂

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