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Officially a BAD idea

April 21, 2006

This is officially a HORRIBLE idea.  It will be the first device where it can literally hurt if the thing crashes.  That being said, I can see their point I don’t always feel the vibrate feature of my Blackberry.  [Note: I nearly wrote “I don’t always feel the vibrator…” – too risky.]  🙂

Of course this opens up new opportunities for message alerts on your mobile device.  The only question is will the helpdesk notification be more painful or less painful?

Motorola patents cellphone shock BUZRMotoshockbuzzer

If you need to turn that ringer off in a movie theater or meeting, but find that the ol’ vibrate mode just isn’t doing it for you anymore (or if you need a surefire way to wake yourself up in the AM), Moto has the answer: shock mode.  [continues @ Engadget…]

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