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Having a kid saves you $15/month

June 28, 2006

I just called Comcast and removed our subscription to HBO.  We really never get a chance to watch anything on that channel any more (since we’re spending time with KC), and quite frankly when we do have a chance to do that I never see anything I want to watch.  So “goodbye HBO”!

Alicea wrote a great post the other day on how our TV viewing has changed of late, which is just fine with me.  🙂

What We Watch With the Wee One

Currently watching: Krakatoa: Volcano of Destruction!

Nathan and I have decided to limit our television watching when Kaitlyn is downstairs with us.  If we do have it on, we have a couple of choices.  Sports, education, or childrens. 

Sports: pretty much any type of sports.  During this month we have the World Cup on.  In only a couple of days the Tour de France will dominate our television.  It is amazing to me the pure stamina and athleticism of the riders. 

Education: Usually the Discovery or History Channel.  Although I’m sure Krakatoa and some of the other stuff we watch (Deadliest Catch, etc.) may be a bit extreme, I’m certain that it is better than exposing her to sitcoms and other mindless trash (hey, I watch mindless trash too) out there.

Childrens: Sprout or Noggin… usually Sprout, just because it’s 24/7 preschool.  I may be rotting my child’s brain, but it’s so cute to see her huge smile when I switch to Sprout and she sees the host, Melanie.

All that being said – this Krakatoa thing is pretty amazing.  For some reason I really like watching shows about geological events.  It is so interesting to me to learn about what this earth is capable of. 

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