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An Inconvenient Slashing

August 14, 2006

Brilliant post by Sean Alexander today about how FRIGGING INSANE some packaging is these days for what we buy on retail store shelves.  I can’t tell you how many sliced fingers I’ve had/seen because of stupid hard plastic packaging that is darn near impossible to open.

I was just talking about it with one of my coworkers and we both agree that when someone starts this class action suit we’re totally onboard.  Here that Kristin?  🙂

I think action #1 isn’t half bad either.  If the retailers want this packaging as a deterrent to theft then they should remove it upon lawful purchase. 

My buddy Bryce said to that, “I like having the store personnel remove the packaging for me.  Unfortunately the minimum wage slaves will have little.”

My counter is this … but if we all get their minimum wage hours chewed up removing stupid packaging, someone will take notice when the scanned items per hour plummets.  THINK BIG!

Link to Addicted to Digital Media – Packaging Hell – Time to Rise Up!

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