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2006 M’s – they’re obviously bipolar

August 16, 2006

If I only had Mike’s “sticktoittiveness” with the M’s.  I gave up 2 years ago.  Alicea and I used to watch every game on TV.  Believe me, July sucked when it was M’s games vs. Tour de France.  Now?  I can’t even put on FSN during a game just to have background noise while I search for something else in the channel guide!

Anyway, you’ve got to read Mike’s chronology of this season.  I love his mood tracker. 

Ahh, the Seattle Mariners. I went into this year without a lot of hope (witness — no optimistic 2006 predictions like the crazy 2005 ones). But… this team is unlike any other I have been a fan of. They have managed to get me excited and crush me not once, or twice, but seven times. Today I gave up on them for good. Or at least, I hope so.

Source: ikeepitreal: Give it Up, Turn it Loose; Or, Why Barry Zito Can Take His Laid-Back Attitude and Surfer Style Elsewhere

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