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Mariners trade fan favorite Moyer

August 20, 2006

The management of the Seattle Mariners has just sealed the deal for me – I loathe the M’s.  They’ve gotten rid of most of their good players over the last few years and yesterday they dealt pitcher Jamie Moyer to the Phillies.

That leaves Ichiro as the only player I still care about, and it also makes me change my mind about Ichi’s future.  He needs to leave.  The M’s are obviously not interested in fielding a winning team, and Ichiro needs to go to a team that is.  He’s a great player and I want to see him win a World Series ring.

Friggin’ Mariners.  A fitting end for them this year is to never win again.  They’re well on the way to that.  They’ve lost 11 straight now and the next six are hosting the Yankees and Red Sox.

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