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More blog changes

June 2, 2007

The last time I tried Windows Live Writer on my current laptop was back in late November or early December … right after I installed the RTM build of Vista Enterprise.  🙂  For some reason I couldn’t get WLW to upload pictures in my posts to my web server via FTP.  The application acted like it wasn’t even trying to connect (immediate failure – too quick for an actual check of the server).  The new release on my box still has that issue.  I’m sure it’s something blown in the .NET Framework, but I don’t really feel like messing with it and a couple hours searching online didn’t resolve it (reinstallations, checking WLW log files, etc.)

So I decided that if WLW wouldn’t upload pictures then I should try to use a different tool … to host the blog!  Sure it’s like getting a new car because a bulb burns out in the break lights, but it gives me a chance to explore other blogging services.  I’ve had my eyes on WordPress for a long time and I like that it has more features enabled in WLW.

It took me a bit to get my blog imported since I was using my own web server instead of Blogspot, but I worked through that and all my old content is now on the the WordPress blog.  SWEET!  I really like the admin interface, and I think I’m going to be very happy with the change.

There are a few things that I’m going to have to work out, though…

  • I want to move my nathan.thenovaks.net URL over to the WordPress blog.  Looks like I’ll need to pay $10 to make that happen, but I can live with that.
  • I need to go through all my old posts and update the graphics to point to a different URL than nathan.thenovaks.net (or upload all those images into WP) or they’ll break when I make the change above.  Either way it’s going to take some time.  Probably the upload option is best since that way everything’s in one place moving forward.
  • In the mean time I’m going to redirect folks to the WordPress URL so I don’t have to cross-post.  It’s a bummer since I’ll have a temp URL that will go away (will it?) but I don’t have that many readers!  🙂
  • I wonder how I can redirect my feed subscribers?  That’s going to take some thought.  Maybe now is the time to move to FeedBurner.  Rumor is they’re getting bought by Google, which would be ironic with me using them get get off of Blogger (another Google property).  We’ll see, maybe the built-in WordPress feed generator will be just fine.
  • I need to rebuild my home page of the blog with my bio, etc.

In all I think I made the right move.  So is this where I thank Windows Live Writer for not working right so I try a different host?  🙂

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