TechEd day 3

June 6, 2007

OK – I was officially out way too late last night.  I was dragging today.  Blah.  At least I made it to breakfast at the convention hall though.

Session 1: PowerShell Scripting for Exchange 2007.  WOW!  I’m actually pretty excited about how much you can do from a command line to manage Exchange 2007.  The ability to make mass modifications in a scripted fashion will revolutionize how IT pros manage Exchange.  A month ago it took a coworker the better portion of a day to go through hundreds our user accounts and remove an email address for a specific domain from all but a handful.  Could have been done in a couple minutes with PowerShell.

Session 2: Top 10 Enhancements in Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering.  Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?  I thought it was a great session.  They’re continuing to improve on a critical enterprise component of the server platform.  I’m most happy to see them completely overhaul the management interface.  HURRAY!

Session 3: Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange.  Seems like they’ve done a good job upgrading the Antigen product.  I look forward to running this in our environment, especially since CA doesn’t feel like supporting Exchange 2007.

After that?  I skipped the late afternoon session (I can get the info online) and the evening session (nothing I wanted to go to anyway) and went back to the hotel to sleep.  I feel SO much better now.

I was hoping to walk across the parkway to Disney Downtown Marketplace and get a good dinner and do some gift shopping.  Unfortunately the weather decided to break the Florida drought with a long train of thunderstorms and downpours.  So I slept some more.  Another night of bland hotel food.

Better luck tomorrow … or Friday.

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