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Show me something…

June 12, 2007

Alicea and I just watched the latest episode of Studio 60.  We LOVE this show!  Hope they continue it again next year … though that may not be in the cards according to what Alicea just found online.

Anyway, two of the main characters have had an on again / off again relationship for a long time.  This most recent episode they kept flashing back to all the arguments they’d had over the years.  All of them were centered around Harriet being a Christian and Matt being an atheist/Jew.  Kind of a microcosm of the Bible Belt vs. Hollywood stereotypes.

Anyway, a LOT of bad stuff happened in the past two episodes, and at the end of this one Harriet asked Matt to come pray with her.  The audience couldn’t tell if Matt was going to or not, but then his phone rang.  Saved by the bell.  It was another emergency and the two ran off to the hospital to be with some friends.

Harriet ran out of the door to the parking lot and Matt hesitated for a second.  He looked up, gave a little point, and said “show me something.”

That’s how I feel a lot.  It’s tough to stay grounded in this world, and it’s so easy to get caught up in nonsense and feel like God really isn’t there.  I can totally related.

Show me something.

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