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Taking a metaphor too far

June 14, 2007

Office building near Colman Dock designed for creative professionals

The Colman Center will let companies create bright, open, unique spaces, with high ceilings, decks and terraces, and will feature hip, high-tech common areas.

“This building is a Macintosh,” said architect Blaine Weber, of Weber + Thompson. “Most buildings in downtown Seattle are PCs.”

We get it.  It’s a cool building.  I think if this guy had his way it would look like an iPod and feature an iPhone on everyone’s iDesk with great views out their iWindows.  Wait, that won’t work … iViews?

This is simply Apple’s next step to get into the business world.  I think I’ll call it … iJobs™!  🙂

For those of you who don’t know, Steve Jobs is the iFounder of Apple.

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