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New Zune – WOW!!!

November 13, 2007

I have a Zune (30GB black) that I won at TechEd 2007.  It’s been usable, but the software always ticked me off.  Today Microsoft released a major upgrade to the Zune desktop software and device firmware, along with some new devices.

IT’S AMAZING!!!  I love it!  I think I’ve found my new media player (been using Windows Media Player 11).  I can even play media while my Zune is connected to my laptop and charging (big issue I had with version 1).

Here’s a cool view of my music library while Mr. Matthews rocks my laptop…

And here’s the intuitive type-and-search feature.  You can search on artist, album, or title just by clicking in that column and typing your search – it searches on the fly.

Can’t wait to explore all this some more as I have time.  Between now and then – WOOHOO!  A big shout out to Molly and all the other folks at Zune HQ.  WELL DONE!

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