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Stop and listen

June 6, 2008

I love that NPR’s “best of” CD sets for stories on Morning Edition and All Things Considered is called “Driveway Moments.”  The folks at NPR have a chance, because they’re not trying to give you a story in 30 seconds or less, to really dive deep into a topic or an interview.  At least once a week I find myself reaching my driveway or parking spot at the office and sitting in the car listening to the end of a story … a driveway moment.

This morning I just had a “desk moment” listing to the last hour of Morning Edition here in the office.  The story that captured my attention was an interview with Bill Eppridge, a photojournalist who covered Robert F. Kennedy’s campaign for President in 1968.  Today is the anniversary of RFK’s assignation.

Now I wasn’t alive in 1968 (heck, my parents got married in 1970), but this story completely rocked me.  I completely felt the empathy and sense of loss that rocked the nation when he was killed.

A wounded Kennedy lies on the kitchen floor.
credit Bill Eppridge
Bill Eppridge was following Sen. Robert Kennedy into the kitchen when shots rang out. He continued snapping photos, sensing he should document the moment. Life/©Time

It’s definitely worth 7 minutes of your day to listen to this.

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