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By the numbers

June 20, 2008

There’s nothing like a little bit of shameless self-promotion every once in a while.  :-)  We just sent out the following email internally to remind everyone of what IT “brings to the table”.  Fun times.

There are some things normal people can do. For everything else, there’s IT.

Number of employees and contractors that keep clients happy, loyal and paying: 600+

Number of distribution lists delivering vital targeted information to interested people: 711

Number of emails a month that attempt to infiltrate unsuspecting inboxes under false pretenses: 1,255,000

Amount of MBs it takes to backup all Civica files so that there’s no bloodshed when a server crashes:13,000,000

The 11 IT staffers who keep it all running without concern for a life, limb or sanity: Priceless

Without our IT department, most of what we do every day wouldn’t be remotely possible. So if you cross paths with any IT staffers in the near future, tell them thanks. Don’t send them emails though… they’re kind of busy.

If you’re interested, take a look below for all of the gritty details. Sure we don’t necessarily all know what some of these things actually mean, but IT says they’re important, so we should probably take their word for it. Either way, these are some pretty impressive numbers.

·         570+ employees

·         40+ contractors

·         9 offices in 7 cities on 2 continents, plus a number of “remote” folks in additional cities and countries

·         Servers

o   90+ physical servers in production and hosting of dev VM’s

o   220 IT/AMG hosted dev virtual machines and 22 production VM’s (142/12 in Bellevue alone)

o   8.75 TB of SAN storage capacity in the Civica datacenter (6 TB of capacity allocated)

o   6.8 TB of file server storage used across the organization

·         Email

o   875 Exchange mailboxes (users, testing, project use, etc.)

o   38 Conference Room scheduling mailboxes

o   711 Distribution Lists on Exchange

o   1.54:1 ratio of DL’s to employees (!!!)

o   520 GB of mailbox and public folder storage

o   Monthly inbound email traffic from Internet (through MXLogic filters)

§  1.4M messages sent to company-owned accounts (multiple domains)

§  84% denied, 5% quarantined as spam or virus infected

§  145k messages delivered (11% of total received)

·         Backups

o   13+ TB of data written to tape each week

o   22 tapes used per week (600GB/tape)

o   50 hours to do a full back up the Civica file server (includes data replicated from other offices)

·         Network

o   28 data circuits and 35 voice circuits (230 lines) across all offices

o   57 Mbps of Internet connectivity across all offices

o   144 Mbps of inter-office backbone connectivity

o   93 networking devices in use

§  15 firewalls

§  11 routers

§  47 switches

§  20 wireless access points

·         Civica Datacenter

o   15,000 Watts / 52 Amps of load the UPS (40kW/139A capacity)

o   72,000 BTU’s of heat generated in the room (average gas grill puts out 35-45,000 BTU’s)

o   6 tons of cooling used to keep equipment cool

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