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Dead man walking

July 25, 2008

It’s my last day on the job today; I start at Microsoft on Monday.  The atypical part of the story is, though, that I’m traveling this week and look to be putting in about 80 hours on the clock.  Usually folks check out at the end of their stay … I guess I’m still emotionally invested in making this place successful.

I’m super-tired today, having pulled a couple of 18 hour days and a 12 hour travel day since Tuesday.  Today looks like more of the same (guessing 15+ hours).

As I was walking out to our rental car from the hotel this morning I turned to my good friend and boss Brian and said, “dead man walking.”  Oh how true on at least a couple different levels.

Looking forward to starting my new adventure next week at the same time.  A couple days of official orientation, and then some settling in, etc.  I’m really jumping off a cliff with this change in my career, and that’s both exciting and scary at the same time.  Here’s hoping I remembered the parachute!

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