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IM for Food?

September 26, 2008

Just had a really funny thing happen.  I was typing in Office Communicator the name of one of my colleagues to see if she was online yet this morning.  I typed in “teri h” and the app searched through both the company address list and my personal contacts in Outlook.  The irony is that it looks like while Teri Hoffman isn’t online this morning, the local teriyaki restaurant we go to by our house isn’t online today either!  🙂


The real reason this appeared is that I have a number of restaurants in my contacts so it’s easy to place takeout orders while we’re driving home.  Microsoft has integrated our Office Communicator platform with the phone system, so if I wanted I could click on the phone icon next to the restaurant’s listing and call them.

Still, it got a good laugh out of me that a restaurant would show up in my IM client!

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