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College is finally over

November 1, 2008

My wife informed me a couple days ago that my final college loan payment was made a few weeks ago, and we just received an official letter stating the loan is paid off and closed.  Wow.  At 32 years old I’m finally done with college!

It’s nice to have that paid off, but at the same time it was kind of my last connection with being a decade younger than I am now.  🙂

My career seems to be taking me in a more technical direction than I once hoped, and where I used to think that getting my Masters some day was good goal, now I’m not so sure.  Sure I could be wrong, but at this point I don’t really see a big benefit.

So here’s to the good old days of just worrying about making it to classes and determining the best strategy for winning a game of Spades at 3am.   But at the time, here’s to having a few glasses of a nice merlot while answering the door on Halloween while my wife and daughter are out raking in the goods!

Of course I just thought of another interesting tidbit: I’ve come full circle.  When I was in college I thought it would be the coolest thing to work at Microsoft, but knew it was pretty darn hard to get hired there.  In the last 10 years I’ve done a lot, and even reached the point where I thought Microsoft wouldn’t be the right place for me.  Today I can’t think of anywhere else, or another team I’d rather work on than Messenger Ops at Microsoft.

That deserves another glass of merlot.

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