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January 9, 2010

Time to reboot my blog.  Again.  Again.

It seems I do this every year or so, but I really do want to get back to writing often on my blog.  There’s something about a long-form blog post that just doesn’t come across with a 140 word Tweet.

Ironically I always used to wish there was a venue for short posts, links to interesting articles, an easy way to share a picture, etc.  I’ve taken to that pretty well with 2600 Tweets so far (www.twitter.com/nanovak) and an active Facebook account too (www.facebook.com/nanovak – and no, it’s not public, much to Facebook’s chagrin).

I’m hoping to use the blog as a forum for posts about both technology (I’m a gadget geek and an operations engineer for Windows Live Messenger) and my personal life.

Speaking of my personal life, I’m 48 hours away from having knee surgery so I’m going to blog about what’s going on and my recovery process over the coming months.  Months…bleh.

More to come … honestly this time.

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