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‘Ashamed’ is a strong word

June 17, 2007 Comments off

I previously wrote that I was “ashamed to be a Christian” … and I need to clarify that statement.  I saw Jill this morning at church and she mentioned that she has a problem with that statement.  She understands what I’m really trying to say, but the statement itself is a bit “harsh” and easily misconstrued.

So I want to clarify what I meant, for the record (and the other couple readers of my blog).  🙂

What I mean is that I’m ashamed of what the label ‘Christian’ means in our society.  I’m ashamed of the friggin right-wing religious zealots who have created a stereotype of Christians as single-minded biggoted assholes (pardon my language) who hate anybody who doesn’t look AND think like they do, and do their best to make everyone else share their opinions (otherwise they’re damned, right?).

Jesus taught people to love each other and lend a hand to those less fortunate … he’d do the rest through their hearts and minds.  That’s it.  It’s not our job to convert the world – it’s His.  Our job is to be nice to everyone.

It’s He didn’t teach that we should hate gays.  He didn’t say we should never have a drop of alcohol touch our lips.  He didn’t tell us that it’s okay to bomb clinics because we disagree with their policies.  He didn’t join the Republican Party … or the Dems either.

Jesus said we should all get along (love thy enemies even) and his first miracle was effectively a beer run for a week-long kegger.

Can’t we all just get along?

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The little guy

June 15, 2007 Comments off

At my company, management has been talking for months that they were going to fix our insurance.

Unfortunately all they did was change insurance providers.  Same unimpressive benefit levels … and we have to pay more for it.

Sure there are good excuses, but does that make us peons feel better about it?

Not so much.

I thought this picture was rather appropriate for my feelings on the subject.  🙂

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It’s going to be one of those days

June 9, 2007 1 comment

I’m sitting in the Orlando airport waiting for my flight right now.  The morning started off an hour earlier than I had anticipated with United paging me to tell me that my plane was now in queue for departure.  This is a regular email they send me about 2-3 hours before a flight.

When my Blackberry woke me up I assumed it was my alarm.  So I got up without worry.  When I actually checked my Blackberry I found that United’s email indicated my flight was departing at 6:55a.  My itinerary had it leaving at 7:40a.

Oh shit.

I called the bell desk to see if there were any towncars out front.  Nobody home – transferred to the operator.  I explained the situation and asked for a towncar.  She transferred me to a bus shuttle service.  Reservation made – hopefully they’ll be able to get me there in time.  I threw the few items I had out for getting ready in the morning in my bag and headed out ASAP.

The folio left under my door while I was getting dressed didn’t charge my room to a card – manual checkout required.  The person at the front desk said that they only had the credit card I gave them at check-in on file, even though the room was supposed to be paid for by a corporate credit card.  Whatever – I’ll take the airline miles.

I get out to the curb and viola – two towncars!  Screw waiting for a bus, I’m outta here!

Arrive at airport: long lines.  Thank goodness I had upgraded to first class so I could go to the shorter first class line.  More delays from stupid people.  How hard is it to make flight arrangements folks?  It’s not rocket science.

My flight is “very full” and I’m 3rd in line for a first class seat (in first class standby on this leg, first class confirmed for LAX to SEA).  Because I upgraded with miles and one of my two legs me in first class they’re going to dock me for first class mileage for the whole trip (not prorated).  I joke about it with the agent and she moves me from the “back of the bus” up into the economy plus seats.  More leg room … YAY!

I get through security without too many issues.  The folks who Disney rejects because they have crappy customer service skills are evidently hired by the TSA.  Right in front of me a little 4 year old boy got yelled at because he didn’t have his own boarding pass in his hand.  Nice…

Make my way to the gate and find a seat.  There are no signs that say what flight it is and I want to make sure I’m in the right spot.  I get up to ask a gate agent and the power goes out.  About 30 seconds of darkness.  Nice…

I am in the right spot so I settle in for a bit of a wait – they’re boarding another flight at my gate.  The outside lights on that light up the planes and working areas go out for a couple minutes.  What the hell is with this airport?

And this is just the beginning.  OYE VAY!

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