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Florida signs law to track sex offenders via GPS for life

May 4, 2005

Florida signs law to track sex offenders via GPS for life:

There are other states that have minimum sentences, and other states that require some sort of tracking of sex offenders after their release, but Florida’s new law makes them the first to require mandatory lifetime tracking via GPS for those convicted of sex crimes against children 11 and younger. Governor Jeb Bush signed the law, which also mandates a 25 years to life sentence, in response to the killing of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford. The Jessica Lunsford Act was drafted and pushed through quickly after lawmakers discovered that the man who had murdered Jessica was a registered sex offender. It passed both Senate and House unanimously.

Don’t get me wrong, I think these folks are, generally, skum. That being said, this does raise the something’s not right with this hairs on the back of my neck. I mean, there is something in the Constitution that says you can’t be continually and repeatedly punnished for a single offense, right? If you want them to serve a 25 year sentance that’s great, but that’s the length of the punnishment. After that’s served they’re done, free, time served. This will get overturned by the courts lickedy split.

Again, being a new dad I’d personally flip a lid if something happened to my daughter, but this is’t the right solution. Can you say Florida is a Police State?

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