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The Hilton Technology Room

May 4, 2005

The Hilton Technology Room:
I have an urge for a business trip…

No, for once we’re not talking about our favorite gadget goddess — we’re talking Hilton as in hotel. It may be no Abu Dhabi, but the Hilton thinks it’s got a pretty sweet suite in its Technology Room, outfitted with some of the latest and greatest in emergent tech. They’re calling it their “laboratory” for gathering customer feedback on cutting edge technology. We’re not exactly sure who would complain about being set up with any of the toys stashed away in there, including a 70-inch projection screen with Bose home theater 5-channel surround sound, sonically matched cube speaker arrays, satellite and high def programming, and a couple of wireless touchscreen remotes to control the whole works (including the LCD flat-panel above the hot tub, of course).

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