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Gender confusion

January 10, 2006

44129570-OWhat’s the best way to politely tell off someone who keeps getting your kid’s gender wrong? – Blogging Baby.

Oh I’m totally all over this one.  Alicea and I just aren’t pink people, and while Kaitly does have a number of outfits that are pink, there are just as many (probably more) that are blue … or yellow … or green.  I’m sure we’re causing some sort of colossal rift in the space-time continuum, and that Martha Stewart is willing to go back to jail to sort out this grave situation, but oh well.

How hard is it to say, “How old is your baby” or, “what a cute little one”?  I’m horrible with remembering people’s names, but that doesn’t stop me from having a conversation with them.  I just use generics and nicknames and the like.

Bah … whatever.  The world’s not going to change is it?  Well, enjoy a clip from the article:

Look, most babies are bald. They don’t have boobs or beards. They depend on you to follow a rigid orthodoxy of color and clothing style in order to establish their gender to the outside world. But my wife and I don’t buy into any of that crap, so usually we dress our daughter Juniper in boyish t-shirts and osh-kosh b’gosh farmer’s overalls. We don’t care when people tell us we have a very cute little boy. We have some stock answers ready for when we receive such a compliment:

“Thank you very much. When she’s a butch teenage lesbian we’ll tell her you thought so.”

“Eh, she’s alright.”

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