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Advertising in the Z dimension

January 17, 2006

TargetStores paint ads on roofs for satellite map services.

Wow, this is pretty interesting.  Whoever thought of that is one smart marketing cookie.  I would imagine this will only work for big companies (cost) with a recognisable & simple logo that can be easily applied to a roof, and who’s retail roofs are big.  WalMart could paint their big smiley logo … just make sure you put the eyes on the north side since that’s the perspective these services use.  But I don’t think Home Depot could do it because their logo is all text.

BUT, what’s you’re ROI from that ad?  I mean that had to cost quite a bit to paint the roof of a whole Target store, including the roof-mounted equipment (air conditioners, etc.).  Is it worth it?

It is when you get picked up in the blogosphere!  And I’ll bet CNN and MSNBC pick this up as one of their fluff stories; they just report on whatever bloggers pick up these days anyway.  Sad.  Go be journalists.

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