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How to confuse the mentally inept

January 19, 2006

Evolution Not Completely True?:

Yesterday I claimed in this blog “I will prove to you beyond all doubt that the theory of evolution is not completely true.”

About a third of you are reading this and thinking “Oh crap, not this boring topic again!” Another third are thinking “What stupid argument is this nut bag going to drag out now? We’ve seen it all.” And the remaining third are thinking “Let’s see how much trouble he can stir up with people who don’t realize he’s yanking their chains.”

I will put my argument in simple bullet points so that you may more easily follow.

1. Evolution is defined as the change in species over time. (Roughly speaking)

2. Einstein proved that time does not pass for an observer who is moving at the speed of light. It’s not just the observer’s perception; it’s his objective reality.

3. Therefore, evolution does not exist for an observer moving at the speed of light.

4. Although no people move at the speed of light, there is nothing special about our perspective except that it is ours.

5. Evolution is not true for all potential observers and therefore it is not completely true.

6. If something is not true for all observers, it is only a point of view.

My own definition of science is that it’s the search for what is useful. Evolution seems highly useful in terms of how we conceive the whole of biology, geology and whatnot. I’m all for it on the basis of usefulness. I’m even willing to call it a “fact” as we commonly use that term.

But I’d have to side with Einstein and say it’s not completely true.

[Update: Is it relevant to my point that no human can travel at the speed of light? Photons travel at the speed of light, and from their perspective there is no evolution.]

[Via The Dilbert Blog]

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